Our restaurant is located inside the country house complex, is pivot for all who choose to spend time at Casalta and a real gravity center to combine relaxation and food. For us it plays the threefold role of “soul” that we dream with, create and invent dishes and matching, of “mind” when we proceed to the research and development of our projects and finally “heart” which we pulse energies from, to live memorable experiences.

Our main goal is to make you feel at home, without formalism but absolutely pampered.
Like at Grandma’s, like at Mom’s. But be aware, in doing so, we have no compromise with our principles: simplicity and absolute respect for the seasonality of raw materials.
We have carefully selected small local producers and these synergic partnerships keep us consistent on our solid principles.
We never offer anything that does not reflect our Umbria, that does not take advantage of the diversity and intensity of colors of fruit or vegetables,
that does not found itself on a secure foundation, guaranteed by our history, as flour produced from noble and ancient grains for fresh pasta and cakes,
hams and cured meats of the greatest Umbrian “norcini”, cheeses from our dairymen friends in the farms
around us and meat only from organic farmyard animals and young cattle grown wildly at 1300mt.

Whoever comes at the Casalta’s restaurant would be sitting at a table where it will never get bored.
That is thanks to the conviviality which is a faithful friend of our lunches and dinners where people, food and wine meet
and leverage all the beauty that Casalta offers to live an unforgettable experience.

The restaurant is open only by reservation, make a wish
and build with us the perfect dinner with a dedicated menu.

Available to organize events, private dinners and romantic dinners.